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With the high cost of home heating fuel this winter in the Buffalo, NY area, consumers are searching for ways to save. Energy saving Replacement Windows are an excellent choice, since the government believes that 40% of heat loss in the home is related to windows. We at Windows 4 Buffalo specialize in educating, selling and installing the best windows at a reasonable cost that meets our customer's needs. Even in these poor economic times, replacement windows are an excellent investment.

Windows 4 Buffalo is a small company, and you deal directly with the owner. Most replacement windows are very similar if they are Energy Star qualified. The difference is in the installation. Many other companies use subcontractors to install their windows. Subcontractors are paid a flat rate for each window installed. Their goal is to get it done as fast as possible and get paid. They don't worry about future problems because they won't be around in 6 months. We offer a more complete installation and pay great attention to detail. A window is only energy efficient if it is installed right. We hand pack insulation around the whole window and seal it properly. The owner inspects every window and makes sure it is installed properly. We at Windows 4 Buffalo know that cleanliness counts and work hard to make sure the work area is as clean as it was when we started. We believe that our attention to detail and extra time spent is well worth it. When we complete the job, we want you to feel comfortable telling your friends about us.


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